June 4, 2021
CHG corporate office building

Behind the Scenes at CHG

Charleston Hospitality Group is known for providing each guest an experience that is just as unique as the next. Comprising over 5 different restaurant brands and over 10 total restaurants in South Carolina, Charleston Hospitality Group is now expanding nationally! Our restaurant concepts include Toast! All Day, HonkyTonk Saloon, Eli’s Table, JohnKing Grill and Piano Bar , Queology and Tabbuli. Our success stems from all our personnel behind the brand. It is important to our organization that our standards of service are consistently excellent across the board. Our team all share the same mindset and the passion behind our mission statement, “Something for everyone!”. Yes, indeed- there is something for everyone at all our restaurant locations. Providing each and every one of our guests with an unmemorable experience is one of our core concepts and operational strategies that we strive for everyday at Charleston Hospitality Group.