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boozy brunch goes viral

SouthEast Boozy Brunch Goes Viral

Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group discusses his experience franchising his Toast All Day restaurant concept during the height of the global pandemic. This blog commemorates Toast All Day as an official nationwide franchise.Cheers, ya’ll! Toast All Day has been an official nationwide franchise for over ONE YEAR!Our CEO, Sam Mustafa Speaks On Restaurant Success During The Pandemic:“I never found success by claiming to be ‘the best restaurant,’ Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group said. “My restaurants are a place where people come to tell others about a personal success and have other people who are happy to celebrate with them. Toast All Day is about being a place where everybody feels like somebody.”

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Labor Shortages & the Holiday Season

Labor Shortages & The Upcoming Holiday Season

Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group shares his experience dealing with the shortage of food and beverage workers in the Charleston area and his strategy as the holiday season is approaching.As we continue to resume pre-pandemic activities such as gathering, traveling and indoor dining, our restaurants at Charleston Hospitality Group have faced head-on the challenges that come with getting back to “normal”. This includes adjusting to the new local and national laws as it relates to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now as the holiday season is approaching, it is critical to have a diversified plan in place to satisfy all guests and retain the morale of your employees.

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why do restaurants fail

Why Do Restaurants Fail?

Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group shares his perspective on what he believes to be the number one reason for restaurants failures- location. Read further to gain insight on his personal experience and how he carefully and cautiously chooses restaurant locations for his Toast All Day Franchise and Charleston Hospitality Group Restaurants.

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Effective Restaurant Growth Strategies

Effective Restaurant Growth Strategies During The Pandemic

Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group shares his insight on how to establish an effective restaurant growth strategy in the height of the pandemic and many restaurant closures. While many restaurants were failing, the pandemic brought Charleston Hospitality Group to unexpected success, with the nationwide expansion of their Toast All Day concept. If you’re considering expansion, this is the time to reflect and ask yourself, “Are you ready to expand? Is your strategy prepared for the post-pandemic growth fueled by new consumer trends and innovations in technology?”

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Restaurant Marketing During Social Media Shutdowns

Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group shares his insight on the importance of having a diversified online marketing strategy. This topic highlights the recent blackouts of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and the effect of marketing specifically in the restaurant industry.SOCIAL SHUTDOWN: Turning Anxiety Into a New Diversified Marketing Strategy

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breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness at CHG

October is Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober is coming up quickly! This month starts on Friday and as many of you may know, the whole month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This entire month we remember and acknowledge all the brave women who are fighting or have lost this battle to breast cancer. Here at Charleston Hospitality Group, we want to shine light on all of these individuals and recognize them for all of their strength and resilience.

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