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Sam Mustafa

How Gilroy Restaurants Can Start Off Strong

Sam Mustafa gives advice to aspiring restaurateurs in the Gilroy area- naming social media a necessity for local growth.

3 Must-Read Books for Aspiring Restaurant Owners

Learn from some of the best in the business with these three books. 

3 Common & Costly Mistakes that New Restaurants Make

Don’t set your self up for failure by making the same mistakes fellow restaurant entrepreneurs have made.

Sam Mustafa
Sam Mustafa
Sam Mustafa

Tips for Starting on the Right Foot with a New Restaurant

Target markets, themes, dining options, and location are just a few of the major components restaurateurs must perfect for success.

How to Build a Restaurant Around a Menu

Often, restaurateurs are inspired to get into the business by a certain cuisine. In this article, Sam describes how to take this inspiration and run with it.

Hospitality Business 101

With over 20 years of experience working in the hospitality industry, Sam Mustafa has begun to share his experience to help aspiring entrepreneurs. 

An Interview with Sam Mustafa

Sam shares his journey as an entrepreneur in the food and entertainment industry.

An Interview with Sam Mustafa Part 2

Discover how Sam’s education in engineering led him to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Charleston.

The Habits All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t made overnight. Prepare yourself for success by perfecting these habits.

Top 5 Tips for First-Time Business Owners

Interested in starting your own business? Sam Mustafa lists the 5 major tips every aspiring entrepreneur needs to hear.

The Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diets

Born and raised on Mediterranean diets, Sam has personally experienced an array of health benefits. Interested in improving your health?

Why Do Restaurants Need Social Media?

Connecting with your community and tourists has never been easier. Discover how social media can help your business thrive.

How Technology is Changing the Restaurant Industry

Technology is constantly being updated with features that are easy to use for both personal and professional purposes. Recently, restaurateurs have shown us how tech can be mutually beneficial, improving services and productivity.

5 Things to Plan Out Before Opening a Restaurant

Don’t jump into the restaurant business without a well researched business plan. With these five tips, you’ll have every base covered and be one step closer to success.