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Sam Mustafa, CEO and business owner of Charleston Hospitality Group in South Carolina is committed to ensuring that students are provided with the financial assistance they need to attend college.
As the Founder of the Sam Mustafa Scholarship, Sam Mustafa has made it a priority to use his platform to give back to his community. Improving access to post-secondary education, for both recent graduates and mature students, is an area that he strongly believes in.
Higher education is a vital resource for developing new skills, relationships, and interests. Most importantly, it helps prepare students for a successful lifelong career that they are passionate about. During times of change in their professional careers, they can lean on the diverse skill set they developed throughout their education to adapt and persevere.

About the scholarship

Scholarship Prize

10 college students in the United States will
receive a prize of $5,000 USD (no specific program required)

Required Documents

To be eligible, students must submit proof of acceptance or enrollment in an accredited US college program.

Essay Response

Submit a 500+ word essay to the scholarship question: “What is the biggest issue facing our nation today? How do we overcome it?”

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