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Sam Mustafa
Sam Mustafa

Sam Mustafa--Charleston Restaurant Master

Sam Mustafa

Sam Mustafa, Charleston entrepreneur, owns many successful dining establishments in one of South Carolina’s most visited historic cities. As a restaurant veteran with many years of experience in the business, Mr. Mustafa knows exactly how to amaze patrons on their first visit to one his restaurants and how to keep them coming back time and again. Sam understands that the secret to earning praise from diners is always providing them with delicious food and a memorable experience.

Sam Mustafa on excellent service

Mr. Mustafa knows from personal experience that the key to making customers happy is treating them like family. For this reason, he ensures that every member of his wait staff possesses a unique charm and an impeccable sense of hospitality. Mr. Mustafa wants any customer who walks through the door of any of his restaurants for the first time to feel as though they are entering a familiar haunt.
Sam Mustafa, Charleston restaurant entrepreneur, on the perfect location

As a seasoned restaurant tycoon, Mr. Mustafa understands the importance of choosing the right location for a new dining establishment. First of all, it is very important that customers have easy access to the building. In order to ensure that this always occurs, Mr. Mustafa only chooses spots that are located near areas that of particular interest to tourists. Secondly, all restaurant owners should select buildings that possess an undeniable charm. Customers are more likely to return to location that is both interesting and appealing.

Mr. Mustafa’s commitment to charity while we do support local charities like the recent blood drive at Wreckfish, we do not do fundraising events.  We will occasionally donate gift cards to charitable fundraising events.  Not sure how you all want to word this.  I don’t know that I really want to focus on the fact that we do give some charitable organizations gift cards because we already get hit what seems like a million times a day for charitable gift card donations and it’s becoming harder and harder to determine which ones we do and don’t.

For many years Mr. Mustafa has remained committed to helping as many charities as possible. As an outstanding entrepreneur, he often uses his impressive business sense to organize many fundraising events at his restaurants. These occasions consistently raise quite a bit of money for many worthy causes and always prove a lot fun for those diners who attend.

Choosing the right chefs

Simply put, customers will not return to a location that does not offer outstanding food. In order to ensure that each of his restaurants provides a thrilling experience for his diners’ taste buds, Mr. Mustafa carefully selects only the most experienced chefs. Sam certainly understands the importance of hiring people who know their way around a kitchen.

Creating a pleasant environment

Over the years, Mr. Mustafa has learned that one of the secrets to ensuring that diners return to a particular restaurant time and again is creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

The Wreckfish helps the American Red Cross

Recently, Sam Mustafa, Charleston philanthropist, partnered with the local chapter of the American Red Cross.  Every one that donated blood at the Northwoods Mall blood drive received a free lunch voucher to The Wreckfish.  This wonderful idea greatly impacted the American Red Cross.

Ever dedicated to fighting cancer, Sam Mustafa, Charleston restaurant owner, often hosts special dinners at Eli’s Tables that serve to benefit several cancer foundations. Mr. Mustafa considers it a great privilege to have the opportunity to use one of the dining establishments that he founded to help out such an important cause.

Sam Mustafa, Charleston Restaurant Genius, Dazzles Patrons

As a successful entrepreneur with many years of experience in the restaurant business, Sam Mustafa is an expert at making customers happy. He has discovered the winning secret to providing diners with outstanding cuisine, unparalleled service, and an unforgettable atmosphere.

Read what three satisfied patrons had to say about Mustafa’s Toast of Charleston:

Brent from Fort Bragg had this to say: “I love Toast of Charleston! On my first trip to South Carolina, visiting this location really made my palate happy. I had never had the experience of “low country” cooking until I first walked into Toast of Charleston. This place has given me high expectations for anything else that I ever try. I was in Charleston for four days, and I ate at several restaurants, but didn’t go a day without eating at Toast. The staff was friendly, and the atmosphere was always inviting!”

Rozi from Denver raves, “We certainly picked the right place! I had never had a crab cake sandwich before; but, after trying one at Toast, I realized that they are delicious! My mother was equally impressed with her meal. We will definitely make Toast a stop for lunch next year when we visit Charleston. My mouth is already watering for a crab cake sandwich as I write this!”

Cindy from Boston Massachusetts says, “Even though I lived in Charleston for 18 years, I had never eaten at Toast. My group and I were delighted with everything! Our waitress Sharon was great. She was friendly, honest, and just sassy enough to make us feel comfortable. I will definitely return to Toast of Charleston the next time I’m in town.”

Just like Toast of Charleston, Mr. Mustafa’s Market Street Saloon has thrilled countless patrons. Read what several satisfied customers had to say about their dining experience:

Sanie writes, “Wow! Delicious food and perfect service from the servers to the management! I could not have had a better experience! I would highly recommend Market Street Saloon’s smoked barbecue and hand-cut fries to anyone! Go see them!”

B. Pittman and his friends remark, “We enjoyed our first meal at Market Street Saloon. The food was very good. We had the lunch buffet: pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rice, and chicken stew. We also enjoyed peach and apple cobbler for dessert. Market Street Saloon offers an outstanding buffet at lunchtime. If you prefer, you can also order from the main menu, which provides anyone with plenty of options. Also, I have never seen such an amazing bar menu! The service at this location was very good. The waitress was also very pleasant. Inside, it is very spacious. It reminded us of a Western saloon from the movies.  We’re going to try dinner there sometime soon.”

Ben C. says, “Market Street Saloon is one of the best places to let loose in Charleston. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart!”

After reading a few reviews from happy customers who have visited his establishments, it becomes obvious that Sam Mustafa, Charleston restaurant mastermind, knows the dining business inside and out. He has the experience and the ingenuity to create some of coastal South Carolina’s most interesting eateries. Any tourist who visits Charleston for the first time should always make one ofSam Mustafa’s restaurants a destination on their itinerary.

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